Water circulates within a closed circuit. There are two main technologies used in the process of mechanical pool water processing:

  • Skimmer type of processing, based on dosing of water from the surface with application of side inlets the so-called skimmers. Water reaches filter sand layer through simmer and the pump, where it is purified. Filtrated water is forced back to the pool with application of intake nozzles. In addition with this technology there may be used a bottom drain used in the process swimming pool drainage as well as for the intake of water for filtration of the bottom sections. A swimming pool with the skimmer type of installation the water surface is lowered by about 3 to 7cm with respect to the pool edge
  • With overflow shaft

These swimming pools are equipped with overflow shaft installations. Around the diameter of the pool there is an overflow shaft which leads to the levelling tank where after reaching a certain level it goes through the process o filtration. After being filtrated it goes back to the pool with application of bottom nozzles. A boot m outflow has to be assembled in case of swimming pools equipped with overflow shaft installations. Overflow shaft type of pool is an ideal solution as a pool located inside and used all year round.

Water surface collecting device type of swimming pool

Overflow shaft type of swimming pool

What basic besen type of devices should a swimming pool be equipped with?

The answer to the above question is: mechanical type of water filtering with application of a sand filter the confirmation of which is the recommendation they have received from the control authorities and institutions, which are responsible for checking of rigorist norms and standards. Water, which is taken from the pool to be filtrated reaches the sand layer (quartz sand) of the filter, where all impurities and contaminations are removed and remain on the surface of sand grains. Purified water goes back into the pool via a pump equipped with inflow nozzles. Apart from the mechanical processing (filtration) the swimming pool water may be chemically purified with application of proper chemical compounds. The proper concentration of the disinfectant is required to be present within the pool water in order to ensure the proper ph and to enforce anti-alga prophylactics. Any water impurities and contaminations, which have not been filtered fall to the bottom and then they should be collected with application of a pool vacuum cleaner.

What additional elements may be installed inside a pool?

There are quite a few devices that increase the standard of a swimming pool and, which may make the time even more pleasurable:

  • Swimming machines
  • Air massage devices
  • Devices used in the process of heating up of pool water
  • Stream showers
  • canopies
  • springboards

How to lower swimming pool exploitation costs?

Owning of a private swimming pool can be a huge pleasure, nevertheless certain financial expenditure is required. During the process of construction of a swimming pool what should be thought of are water heating systems. The aforementioned may be achieved with application of one of the following three methods:

  • application of heat exchanger connected to the central heating system,
  • application of an electric water heating device. Unfortunately this is a much more expensive solution,
  • free solar energy thanks to the assembly of sun collectors,
  • the latest solution – heat pump.

Having the possibility to warm up the pool water what should be taken care of is minimizing of heat losses. That is when swimming pool canopies or water surface covering systems find application. The largest heat losses are always incurred via the water surface systems, which can be protected against such losses with application of solar covering. Pool canopies are the element that protect swimming pool water against loosing heat and at the same time allowing for longer using of a pool in our climate to about 7-8 months in a year. Professionally prepared, polycarbonate and aluminium based light structure is the excellent supplementation of garden pools. Swimming pool exploitation costs may be also lowered by making sure to apply proper prophylactics and apply chemical compounds used in the process of swimming pool water purification. This will protect against any water problems and in extreme cases of re-filling poll with water, which also needs to be warmed up.